Contributor Alignment
In order to ensure that the interests of Support-to-Earn contributors are aligned with the interests of the wider Dtravel community, every contributor is required to be a TRVL token holder and, therefore, a community member.
The TRVL token assignment requirement for contributors is a quadratic function of their statuses, as displayed in the table below:
Contributor's Status
Required Token Assignment
Level 1 - Apprentice
Level 2 - Certified
Level 3 - Pro
Level 4 - Elite
160 TRVL
Level 5 - Master
250 TRVL
The rationale for requiring greater assignments for higher statuses is that a higher status allows a contributor to tackle more complex and critical tasks. Greater power involves greater alignment requirements in order to limit such tasks to contributors with greater responsibility towards the Dtravel community and ecosystem.
The rationale for choosing a non-linear monomial function is that the complexity of tasks is assumed to have a power-law probability distribution, as many other natural phenomena.
These requirements will be in effect when the Early Bird Call ends.
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