Community members will be rewarded for referring new hosts and guests to Dtravel who complete bookings worth a cumulative amount of US$500 or more. For every successful referral, the referrer will receive 50 TRVL.
The referral reward per community member is capped at 100 TRVL for new host referrals (for up to 2 successful host referrals) and 100 TRVL for new guest referrals (for up to 2 successful guest referrals). Therefore, the maximum referral reward per community member will be 200 TRVL in the instance of 4 successful referrals (2 new hosts and 2 new guests). The purpose of capping the reward is to promote a wider allocation of TRVL across the community.
This referral program will have a budget of 10,000,000 TRVL and will cease when the budget is depleted. Between 50,000 to 200,000 community members will be rewarded through this program, and 200,000 new community members will join Dtravel through this program if it is fully utilized.
The distributed TRVL will be sourced entirely from the Growth Fund and will amount to:
  • 1% of the maximum supply of TRVL;
  • 4% of the total allocation of TRVL to the Growth Fund;
  • 40% of the TRVL vested to the Growth Fund at the TGE.
The rewards will be paid to the guest's or host's internal Dtravel platform wallet.
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