Early Bird Call
To incentivize rapid growth in the number of community members during the early stages of Dtravel, the first hosts and guests to join will receive TRVL rewards in accordance with the following table:
First 50,000 guests
75 TRVL each
First 50,000 hosts
75 TRVL each
Guests from #50,001 to #100,000
50 TRVL each
Hosts from #50,001 to #100,000
50 TRVL each
Guests from #100,001 to #150,000
25 TRVL each
Hosts from #100,001 to #150,000
25 TRVL each
A total of 15,000,000 TRVL will be allocated to 300,000 community members through the Early Bird Call. The distributed TRVL will come entirely from the Growth Fund and will amount to:
  • 1.5% of the maximum supply of TRVL;
  • 6% of the total allocation of TRVL to the Growth Fund;
  • 60% of the TRVL vested to the Growth Fund at the TGE.
To receive the rewards, hosts and guests must complete bookings worth at least US$500 cumulatively. The earliness order of guests and hosts is determined at the moment they complete such qualifying bookings (not at the moment when they register on the Dtravel platform or make a booking). The rewards will be paid to the guest's or host's internal Dtravel platform wallet.
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