Star Guest Action
To incentivize guests with exceptional performance to join Dtravel, this growth action will allocate TRVL to guests who satisfy the following eligibility conditions:
  • Guest-initiated cancelation rate lower than 20%
  • At least 50 completed booked nights in the last 365 days
  • Total value of completed booked nights greater than US$500
  • At least 3 bookings with different hosts
  • Dispute rate lower than 3%
Eligible guests will be granted:
  • 1.5 TRVL per US$100 worth of completed bookings (up to a maximum of 450 TRVL)
  • A Star Guest NFT
The budget for this growth action is 15,000,000 TRVL (1.5% of the total TRVL supply).
This growth action will end as soon as one of the following two conditions is satisfied:
  • The whole budget is used
  • The market cap of TRVL reaches US$1,000,000,000
If this growth action ends due to the market cap condition, it will be replaced by a similar new growth action with the remaining budget and updated reward and vesting details.
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