Growth Actions
To promote the growth of the Dtravel community, the Dtravel DAO will be launching a series of GameFi Growth Actions funded by the Growth Fund. Members who participate in these actions will be rewarded with TRVL tokens and special NFTs.
At least 65,000,000 TRVL will be allocated to community members through Growth Actions. The distributed TRVL will come entirely from the Growth Fund and will amount to:
  • 6.5% of the maximum supply of TRVL;
  • 26% of the total allocation of TRVL to the Growth Fund;
The TRVL tokens earned through Growth Actions will have a vesting schedule that is based on growth milestones achieved by the Dtravel community, and the vesting schedule may vary with the action.
So far, the following Growth Actions have been planned:
3.5% of the maximum supply of TRVL are reserved for similar growth actions.
For these two actions, the 30-day volume weighted moving average TRVL market cap and the number of booked nights per day (averaged over 365 days) will be used as gauges and key performance indicators for the growth milestones, according to the vesting conditions shown in the table below:
Fully Diluted Market Cap (USD)
Average Booked Nights Per Day
Amount Vested
Milestone 1
Milestone 2
Milestone 3
Milestone 4
Milestone 5
Vesting occurs when both targets (market cap and daily booked nights) are reached.
The 30-day volume weighted moving average is used to calculate the fully diluted market cap in order to prevent price manipulation by speculators to trigger vesting. Furthermore, the gradual vesting protects the community against dumping.
Averaging the number of bookings per day over 365 days prevents seasonality from affecting the trigger condition.
The final milestone of requiring a TRVL market cap of 100,000,000,000 USD and 1,000,000 booked nights per day was chosen by benchmarking against other home sharing platforms based on data from market research. The intermediary milestones follow an exponential/logarithmic scale in order to vest significant portions of the rewards early on.
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