Premium NFTs
Dtravel's Premium NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a major factor in Dtravel's novel approach to loyalty programs.
Traditional loyalty programs have misaligned incentives. Booking platforms that provide loyalty programs carry outstanding rewards as liabilities on their balance sheets, meaning they aren’t incentivised to actually honour these rewards in a way that is valuable to the user. For instance, a traveler may earn enough points for a free flight or hotel night, but then realizes that these rewards are only for weeknights in off-peak periods. Since the rewards are hard to use, they stay in the account never to be touched again.
The general goal with the Premium NFTs is to provide greater value to Dtravel’s earliest supporters by representing loyalty as a premium membership in the form of a scarce digital asset. The primary mechanism used to achieve this goal is a boost in rewards on top of the amounts already available to any member. For instance, in the case of a cashback for booking using TRVL, Premium Members will benefit from a higher cashback rate than non-holders.
Besides the boost effect, Premium Members will be eligible for other perks and rewards in the future, such as unique travel experiences and airdrops. Like other NFTs, Dtravel's Premium NFTs can be resold on NFT marketplaces. If certain travelers find themselves deriving little benefit from the perpetual benefits of their NFTs, they are able to sell them to other members. This is expected to enable efficient price discovery for the NFTs and to ensure that premium membership is well priced in relation to its perpetual benefits.
The Founders Edition of Dtravel's Premium NFT collection has the following characteristics:
  • Every card will be sold for US$1,000.
  • There will be 3 levels of rarity:
    • Level 1 (75% of all cards), Level 2 (20% of all cards) and Level 3 (5% of all cards).
  • The rarity level of a card will be revealed randomly.
  • The rewards will depend on the rarity. The rarer the card, the higher the rewards.
  • Each card will have a unique design.
  • To ensure that all cards are unique, the quantity of cards to be issued will depend on demand, which will be gauged through a waitlist on Dtravel's main website.
  • TRVL holders will get early access to the sale.
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