TRVL Token
TRVL will be the native token of the Dtravel network. Official announcements coming soon, please beware of scams or fake listings prior to the official launch of TRVL.
TRVL will be used for booking stays, staking to qualify for rewards, platform governance, and accessing the Dtravel loyalty program. The sections below detail the various utility functions of the TRVL token.

​TRVL Utility

TRVL will be the native token of the Dtravel network that can be used for making payments, staking to qualify for rewards and other benefits, governance, and more.
    TRVL tokens to the value of US $35,000,000 will be given to the first 100,000 properties that register and are verified to bootstrap the network
    TRVL will be used by guests to make payments and for hosts to receive payments
    TRVL will be used to buy Dtravel Loyalty Memberships (“Dtravel VIP”) represented as NFTs
    TRVL will be used by hosts to pay for value added services
    TRVL will be paid as rewards for successful host and guest referrals
    Hosts and guests must stake TRVL to participate in Dtravel DAO voting, proposal submissions, and other Dtravel DAO initiatives
    Guests can stake TRVL to access the Loyalty Program, generate yield, and receive discounts
    Hosts can stake TRVL to receive TRVL token bonuses on top of each booking payout, a greater referral reward for referring hosts or guests, and an enhanced reputation score
    TRVL will be required to be staked to participate in DAO governance to vote on proposals, submit proposals, influence decisions, and participate in other governance-related matters
    As a community-governed platform Dtravel will continue to explore additional revenue streams for hosts, such as incentivizing hosts to participate in various aspects of network operations and support, such as customer service, forum management and dispute resolution. Even though any participation will be voluntary, it will require hosts to hold TRVL. Incentives for participation will be paid in TRVL
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