The Dtravel Solution
Dtravel is building a decentralized, community-owned and governed home sharing network. The Dtravel network will facilitate short and long-term stay accommodation discovery, while providing users with greater choice, enabling bookings to be placed using traditional currencies and popular cryptocurrencies.
Dtravel directly addresses the challenges faced by the home-sharing industry by being characterized by:
  • Disintermediation: Dtravel's platform seeks to foster a true marketplace for hosts and guests, where communication is free and the inherent peer-to-peer experience of home sharing is encouraged.
  • Low fees: with nominal total fees of 10% and effective total fees that can be as low as 5%, Dtravel's fee structure is affordable and community-governed.
  • Fair distribution of value arising from synergy: all the effective total fee revenue goes to the Community Treasury, thereby being distributed to the very community that generated the synergy and its value.
  • Decentralized dispute resolution: Dtravel will decentralize dispute resolution through its Support-to-Earn approach.
  • Clear rewards: community members with premium membership and star hosts and star guests receive tangible rewards in TRVL and a member's loyalty is rewarded with cashbacks.
  • Transparency: by adopting Web3 technologies and the ethos and practices of blockchains, cryptocurrencies and DAOs, Dtravel will naturally inherit high transparency.
Through the pillars above, Dtravel will restore trust among hosts and guests in their own platform. By empowering hosts and guests to transact in a peer-to-peer manner and distributing the benefits of this relationship to both parties directly, Dtravel drives the organic growth of a community-governed travel ecosystem that provides unmatched value for hosts and guests alike.
Dtravel is a decentralized community that anyone can join. If Dtravel's vision resonates with you as a host, guest, contributor or partner, we invite you to join Dtravel.
Last modified 8mo ago
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