Summary of Key Facts
The following is a list of some of Dtravel's highlights:
  • Dtravel empowers hosts and guests to communicate and transact directly with each other, and deliberately refrains from acting as a value-capturing intermediator.
  • The TRVL token derives its utility from 4 purposes: Travel, Loyalty, Protection and Governance.
    • Demand for TRVL is driven by the natural incentive to use TRVL to enjoy its 4 purposes.
    • Supply of TRVL is fixed at 1,000,000,000 (1 billion).
  • Both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies are accepted for payments.
  • Host properties are protected by a Protection Pool for up to 1,000,000 USD (or more).
  • Dtravel's total fees are initially set to be only 10%. Through cashbacks when TRVL is used for payments, the effective total fees can become as low as 5%. Participation in growth actions may bring the effective total fees to 2%.
    • Dtravel's effective total fees are significantly lower than competing home-sharing platforms' published fees of up to 20%.
    • Dtravel is committed to full transparency of its fees.
    • All fees are used to fund the Dtravel DAO, and thus are ultimately under the control of the community and exist to benefit the community.
Last modified 27d ago
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