2021 Q4

  • DTravel's Booking Platform V1
  • ERC20 Contract for TRVL Token on Ethereum
  • TRVL Token Generation Event
  • BEP20 Contract for TRVL Token on Binance Smart Chain
  • AnySwap bridge for TRVL between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain
  • ERC721 Contract for Premium NFTs
  • Premium NFTs Token Sale

2022 Q1

  • Beginning of Early Bird Call

2022 Q2

  • Booking Platform V2
  • Beginning of Referrals
  • Mobile App
  • Beginning of Star Host Growth Action
  • Beginning of Star Guest Growth Action


In no particular order:
  • Host and Guest Alignment requirements
  • Extra Protection from Protection Pool
  • Support-to-Earn
  • Contributor Alignment
  • On-chain Booking
  • Dtravel Improvement Proposals
  • Grants from Community Treasury for Community Projects
  • Bridges for TRVL to other chains
Roadmap items listed above will be prioritized, added or removed in response to changes in the market and taking into account feedback and proposals by the community via the Dtravel DAO.