Network Roadmap

As Dtravel progressively decentralizes, we will continue to add more advanced use cases, more TRVL utility, and continue to provide the community with more governance influence within the Dtravel ecosystem.

  • Tokenized Room Nights - TRVL can be staked by Hosts to issue NFTs that represent availability of certain days, weeks or months of the year at their property. Since the room nights are fully liquid, hosts and market participants can buy, sell or redeem as they see fit. NFTs can be sold in advance on a Dtravel marketplace via list price or auction sales

  • Tokenized Rental Income - Hosts can create new tokenized products that are based on the expected rental income that their properties generate

  • Custom Loyalty Coins - TRVL can be collateralized to mint new customized loyalty coins and NFTs for Hosts to deploy to their customers

Roadmap items will be prioritized, added or removed in response to changes in the market and from proposals submitted by the community via the DAO. The roadmap items outlined above are future suggestions for the community to consider for submission and may not necessarily ever be submitted to or approved by the DAO.