Network Operations

Protection Pool

One of the key concerns for Hosts is protection from property damage. To ensure that sufficient funds are readily available to assist hosts when such events occur, Dtravel will have a Protection Pool which offers hosts up to US $1,000,000 in property protection.

To ensure that the Protection Pool is sustainable in perpetuity and also reflects the growth of the Dtravel network, the Protection Pool receives 1% of every booking processed on Dtravel.

Funds accumulated in the Protection Pool will be used to provide support to hosts for certain Property Assurance and Host Protection claims.

As part of Dtravel’s asset management practices, a percentage of the funds in the Protection Pool will be delegated to DeFi yield-generating strategies to grow the pool size while best managing risk.

Dtravel DAO

The vision of Dtravel is to become a decentralized, community owned and governed home-sharing ecosystem. To achieve this vision, Dtravel is developing the governance, framework and constitution for the Dtravel DAO. This will be published after the launch of the Dtravel network.

The Dtravel DAO will have a Representative Council, with members elected by TRVL holders each epoch, including Hosts and Guests who choose to participate in the Dtravel DAO.

Initially, as the Dtravel network is not live yet, the Dtravel DAO Representative Council will be elected by the Genesis Contributors and comprise Core Contributors; individuals with home sharing platform experience; host representatives; community members and individuals experienced in DeFi asset allocation, investment and risk. As additional expertise is required they may consult with, or invite new members to participate in the Representative Council.

The goal of the Dtravel Genesis Contributors is to enable the Dtravel DAO to increase their role in governance over the direction of Dtravel through submitting and voting on proposals as the network grows.