About Dtravel

The Vision

The vision of Dtravel is to become a fully decentralized community-owned and governed home-sharing network that facilitates short and long-term stay accommodation discovery, booking and payments with both traditional currencies and popular cryptocurrencies.

The Problem

Over the past decade, a handful of corporations have risen to dominate the home-sharing economy, resulting in the centralization and near monopolization of a once decentralized ecosystem. While this has contributed to the dramatic growth of the home-sharing economy, it has done so at a cost, including:
    Increased fees - up to 20% of the total booking cost
    Centralised and controlled communications - loss of peer-to-peer and host-guest communications
    Replacement of relationships with transactional processes - a shift from encouraging high-value, peer-to-peer relationships to transactional ones
    Lower levels of trust - the trust between hosts and guests, as well as towards the platforms themselves, has been eroded as a result of the above issues (see: link)
    Payment options - existing players don’t accept payment or payouts in cryptocurrencies
“Airbnb has a "trust" problem. A rift is growing between its four million hosts and the company. Hosts are going after the company in the form of lawsuits, while others are opting to book guests directly or turning to other sites.”
- The New York Times.
Through a decentralized and token-enabled network, Dtravel aims to repair the broken relationship between centralized corporations and users in the home-sharing economy.

The Solution

Dtravel is building a decentralized, community-owned and governed home-sharing network. The Dtravel network will facilitate short and long-term stay accommodation discovery, while providing users with greater choice, enabling bookings to be placed using traditional currencies and popular cryptocurrencies.
Through utilizing blockchain technology and incorporating the ethos of decentralization and incentivization, Dtravel can:
    Reduce fees - instead of commissions as high as 20%, fees for transactions on Dtravel are set at only 7.5%. The transaction fees are held in a community-governed treasury and are used to grow the Dtravel network
    Remove enforced control of communications - enable peer-to-peer relationships that create conditions for trust to be reignited
    Add payment options - enable the acceptance of various cryptocurrencies for payments that lower the cost of transacting
    Align interests - instead of being forced into an extraction imperative common with centralized platforms, the TRVL token will align the economic interests of all network participants
    Give users a voice and a vote - offer all token holders and ecosystem participants, Hosts and Guests, the opportunity to voice their opinions and vote on the governance and direction of Dtravel through the Dtravel DAO
    Provide peace of mind for Hosts - offer US $1,000,000 in property protection for Hosts
    Incentivize Host ecosystem participation - Hosts can earn additional revenue by participating in various aspects of network operations and support, such as customer service, forum management and dispute resolution
By empowering Hosts to transact with Guests in a peer-to-peer manner and distributing the benefits of this relationship to both parties directly, Dtravel drives the organic growth of a community-governed travel network that provides unmatched value for Hosts and Guests alike.
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