A New World

Web 3.0 delivers the internet’s original promise of decentralization. In doing so, it has the power to disrupt the centralized business models of Web 2.0 that have come to extract value at the expense of consumers and small businesses. Dtravel is a Web 3.0 initiative that is set to make real change in the home-sharing economy. The pillars that enable this are as follows:

  • Community Governed - Members are incentivized to participate in the growth of the Dtravel network and govern it towards providing long-lasting value for all stakeholders. This provides an important vector for driving the rapid, organic growth needed to disrupt the status quo and create a more equitable travel booking network

  • Peer-to-Peer - Enable Hosts to transact peer-to-peer with Guests and communicate with them directly to create better booking and travel experiences overall

  • Trustless - Use smart contracts to remove “trusted” intermediaries from the equation and provide the transacting parties with unparalleled control over transactions and governance over contentious issues

  • Web 3.0 Native - We’re building for the future by working with DAOs, cryptocurrencies, and open-source protocols that enable peer-to-peer transactions and community governance

Dtravel is a decentralized community that anyone can join. If the Dtravel vision resonates with you as a host, guest, technical or non-technical contributor, or business partner, then we sincerely invite you to join the Dtravel community.