Welcome to Dtravel
Dtravel is above all a community in the travel ecosystem. An overarching and perennial goal of the Dtravel community is to build a platform to support the community. An immediate sub-goal is to build the key component of this platform: a true marketplace for home sharing that brings together hosts and guests, minimizing and decentralizing intermediation between them.
To turn its vision into reality, Dtravel will:
  • Create the TRVL Token, a utility token to drive the community's economy;
  • Establish the Dtravel DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization governed by TRVL token holders, including hosts and guests.
A community member is anyone who holds TRVL tokens, and the community shall always remain flexible to redefine and reinterpret itself.
Dtravel leverages blockchain technology by using:
  • cryptocurrencies for payments;
  • smart contracts to automate its operations;
  • tokenomics and decentralized governance to align the interests of hosts and guests and reduce tensions.
We expect the three pillars mentioned above to provide substantial operational efficiencies for Dtravel and to allow Dtravel to sustain fees that will be substantially lower than other short-term and long-term home sharing platforms. Furthermore, all collected platform fees will be forwarded to the community treasury, which is under the Dtravel DAO's control, thereby creating a strong value proposition for TRVL token holders, hosts and guests.
Dtravel is advised and led by former executives from Airbnb, Expedia and other global technology companies, and is supported by world-class venture capital investors.
You can join Dtravel in creating the future of home sharing. Welcome! And read on to learn more.
Note: implementation of the ideas described in this whitepaper will follow a roadmap, and statements in this white paper are subject to change by the Dtravel DAO.
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